A reiki aficionado, an art lover, a yoga buff, a proficient singer and a mom. Katie P, initially based in Australia, is the Co-founder of CPWC clinic, a health center that facilitates medical needs through a panel of General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Interim Physio, Kinesiologist. She has had a hands-on role in the facility’s development, from generating database to designing and developing Administrative layouts. Katie’s passion to operate, organize and communicate has been the driving force behind her successful roles in both executive leadership and business ownership over the years.

Prior to founding Aum, she held diverse operations at variegated organizations such as MNCs, Credit union, information technology and other financial establishments, where she marked her foot through her prowess in customer service and technical fields. The overwhelming support and positive customer reviews inspired her and ultimately attained utmost faith to dream bigger. Rather than concentrating on the challenges in extremity, she focused her mindset on the unique value proposition that she had to offer and with this raise, she is hoping to expand the services into multiple cities. She continues to bring this dual focus of values and success to her new endeavor and her extensive experience, sheer determination and dedication are sure to gratify the customers.

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Katie Patel



Isokinetic testing and strength training

Sports Rehab

Recover or boost your execution in your game


Balance body energy and help reduce pain


Help to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Reiki & Yoga

Art of inviting happiness and powerful healing

Your Smile is Our Biggest Rewards


We have worked for our reputed clients.

For more than a year, we have served the community in improving the health of our patients

Emergency Service


Health services by doctors and professional experts aimed at improving the health of the all human race.


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