Isokinetic testing and strength training

It allows your therapist; to train or examine for any significant connection within your body joints and muscles. Relevant knowledge is collected, which includes limb velocity, performance, strength and expedition. This data can be associated with the unaffected body part or standard data; to further promote the efficient restoration plan. In isokinetic training, there is a consistent speed of movement throughout the joint range of motion, with a fixed measure of resistance which will assist in developing muscular energy and durability of the impaired area.

Gait training

Many lower limb lesions impair a person’s capability to walk efficiently. A therapist can examine and retrain you how to walk ordinarily following your surgery or trauma. Gait training includes the study of a dysfunctional walk model to discover the reason(s) of its origin. A therapist will help the patient improve the gait impairments by practicing particular exercises that have been designed to help gait dysfunction.

Postural Training

Therapy is planned to enhance your postural perception, power, and strength concerning alignment. Your Physical Therapist will compose a precise training curriculum to administer muscle irregularities/ asymmetries due to instability and limited muscle stretch simultaneously with instruction on proper positioning throughout the exercise to minimize discomfort and limit additional trauma.

Progressive resistance Exercises

PRE is a method of practice in which the purpose is to improve the energy of weak or damaged muscle or muscle groups by progressively enhancing the resistance to it. Reduced energy can drive to reduced functional mobility performance and ultimately drive damage to internal structures. Resistance bands, free weights, weight machines, and body weight are several techniques practiced in PRE.


After trauma or surgery to a particular area, your capability to perform any movement of extremities may be diminished. Depending on your requirements evaluated by your Therapist Passive Range of Motion (PROM), Active Assistive Range of Motion (AAROM), and/or Active Range of Motion (AROM) procedures will be executed into your therapy plan.

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