Dr. Mahesh

MD, FRCPC (Anesthesiology), Special pain management Doctor.

Dr. Mahesh Palanisamy is an internationally trained specialist in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. He has  Been extensively trained in the fields of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine in various healthcare systems; mainly in the Republic of Ireland and Canada.

Dr. Palanisamy works as a Pain Specialist and Anesthetist at Jim Pattison Pain Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital, and BC Women’s Hospital.

He has a special interest in Interventional Pain Medicine including management of neck, upper back, lower back, tailbone, shoulder, hip, and ankle pain. He is also interested in treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Fibromyalgia, and Central Neuropathic Pain.

He has over 12 years of experience in Anesthesia and he has been helping patients with chronic pain for the last 7 years. During this period, he has learned a variety of approaches to treating patients. He applies the best available knowledge and incorporates evidence-based medicine in the field of Pain Medicine.


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