Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Soft Tissue Mobilisation is the latest model for soft tissue therapy. It revives healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.) and eliminates inflamed scar tissue that may be producing discomfort or mobility limitations. The STM method provides your Physical Therapist to arouse your body’s natural healing response when soft tissue degeneration or fibrosis and persistent infection are there in your body. This approach is practiced with design tools that support the restorative process essential for tissue reconstruction.


Cold therapy

It has plenty of advantages and outcomes. The principal application idea of cold treatment is to reduce blood distribution to a particular region. A reduction in flow can assist in lessening infection and external tissue bleeding. Which further results in an improvement in pain. Indications for Cold therapy are muscle aches, ligament injuries, and post-injury or surgery for pain relief.


Joint Mobilisation

It is a hand-operated procedure practiced to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction. It aids mobility in stagnant tissues and joints by oscillating or giving friction energy to the joint in particular areas and ways, to strengthen the joint movement.



Phonophoresis is a topical modality that is coupled with Ultrasound. Anti-inflammatory medication is combined with the ultrasound gel. The soundwaves from the ultrasound head propel the medicine into Ki the epidermis and infected tissues.

Tapping techniques

Kinesio taping gives aid and holds to your musculature girdling to the injured joints to minimize strain, overuse, and infection, along with enhancing your postural consciousness.

Spine Rehab

A traumatic incident, overuse, or degenerative variations can harm your spine and its neighboring arrangements. A comprehensive evaluation will be conducted by the Therapist to form a treatment plan, to examine your muscle length/strength/core and postural stability. Also, they will train you on pain release and additional injury prevention measures.

Work-related Injury Rehab

Repetitious actions, extended positioning, and/or a traumatic incident can induce trauma to internal structures while working. Your therapist will evaluate energy, endurance, positioning and mobility patterns to define deficiencies that will be approached in a treatment program.

Aquatic therapy

It is also used for patients having osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and post-surgical movement and weight-bearing restrictions. Therapy appropriates the beliefs of buoyancy and viscosity of water to provide you to facilitate your restoration. Buoyancy allows for weight-bearing exercises while not providing complete body mass compression into your joints while performing the exercises. The viscosity of the water gives resistance to movements that serve to improve muscle strength.

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